Windows 11 SOLVED-Audio stutters and distorts after 10 min with no user input


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Nov 11, 2023
Hello, I just built my pc and have an issue. If I play music for example and not touch the computer at all, after 10min, the sound distorts and stutters until I either move the mouse or touch the keyboard. Then it will be fine again for another 10 min. I could be using Spotify, Winamp, VLC Player etc. I have all sleep, hibernate, monitor settings off so the computer should never change states. I followed all the steps to fix an audio problem from the internet including reinstalling the driver, turning off enhancements, changing the data rate, run troubleshooter etc. I’ve conducted A clean boot and could not find a conflicting program that interfered. I have a 14900k, msi z790 tomahawk motherboard, 32Gb DDR5 Corsair Dominator Ram 7200mhz, Aorus Master RTX 4090, Corsair RM1200x PSU and multiple WD SN850x NVME Drives. Otherwise the PC runs great!

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, Gary
Hi Gary,

Thank you for providing all the details about your PC build and the troubleshooting steps you've already taken. It sounds like you've gone through a lot of the common solutions for audio issues, so let's try a few additional steps to see if we can pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Firstly, let's check if there are any background processes or services causing this issue. You mentioned conducting a clean boot, but let's try disabling unnecessary services as well. Press Win + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box, then type "msconfig" and hit Enter. In the System Configuration window, go to the Services tab, check the "Hide all Microsoft services" box, and click "Disable all." Restart your computer and check if the audio issue still persists.

If the problem still occurs, it may be worth checking for any BIOS updates for your MSI Z790 Tomahawk motherboard. Sometimes, BIOS updates can improve system stability and fix compatibility issues. You can visit MSI's website and enter your motherboard's model number to check for any available updates.

Additionally, it would be helpful to isolate the issue further by trying the following:

1. Plug your speakers or headphones into a different audio port on your motherboard. This will help determine if the problem is specific to a particular port.

2. If possible, test with different speakers or headphones to see if the issue persists. This will rule out any hardware-related problems with your audio devices.

3. Consider testing a different operating system or a Live USB/DVD version of a different operating system to see if the issue persists. This can help determine if it's a software-specific problem or a hardware compatibility issue.

If none of these steps resolve the audio distortion and stuttering issue, it might be worth contacting MSI's support for further assistance, as they may have specific troubleshooting steps or firmware updates for your motherboard.

I hope these suggestions help you resolve the issue. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!
Hello, I did try hiding all windows services and disabling all the services that would be allowed. However, it would nor let me turn off any Bitdefender security services, so I turned off all features in the program itself. Still had the issue.

i am currently using the optical connection On the motherboard, but did try connecting headphones into the front audio jack. Issue still persists.
I updated the the latest motherboards bios already,
I might have to contact MSI. I just don’t understand how it can work normally for 10 minutes the distort/stutter only to disappear if I interact with the keyboard or mouse. (It’s as if something is happening in the background at that 10 min mark). I originally had the screen saver to come on at 10 min, but it never came on as this happened. I have since shut that off, but issue persists.
Update: it’s not just the audio, but the video image also. (Noticed the stutter and lag with a screen saver on) It always happens after 10 min after last touching the mouse or keyboard. It I touch the mouse to stop the stuttering, it will happen again 10 min after that. If I let the stuttering continue, it will go away after 20 seconds! ????
Problem I think solved. I after everything I tried, I just cleared the CMOS and the issue went away. I think the problem was that I undervolted the CPU with Intel XTU but my adjustments reverted back (it says it reverted back). I then I installed the program and undervolted directly in the bios. I think the XTU adjustments were somehow still applied and I compounded the issue by going into the bios. So when the pc was idle and background processes started up, it wasn’t stable and gave me the issue I was having. Of course I’m just guessing and I hope the problem doesn’t come back.
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