1. B

    Windows 11 SOLVED-Audio stutters and distorts after 10 min with no user input

    Hello, I just built my pc and have an issue. If I play music for example and not touch the computer at all, after 10min, the sound distorts and stutters until I either move the mouse or touch the keyboard. Then it will be fine again for another 10 min. I could be using Spotify, Winamp, VLC...
  2. M

    Audio balancing channels

    I'm in trouble to balance audio in windws 11. My audio balancer has left channel as well as right channel fixed in main output. I don't know how to dissasociate this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. E

    Windows 10 Trying to Get Data Stored at Starting Address Designated by a Pointer Variable

    Hello, I am developing a Winodws audio program that utilizes the built in Windows Core Audio API. I have an issue where the IAudioCaptureClient is sending a STARTING ADDRESS of an audio frame to pointer pData. I am trying to find out how to read the packet stored at that starting address by the...
  4. saschaluescher

    Audio on a remote Windows Server?

    Hello :) I have a Windows Server 2019 without direct access, so i can only control it remotely. The Server doesn't has a sound card or anything to make sounds, but i need to have audio on this server in order to have music in my live stream which i outsourced on this particular server. So i...
  5. E

    Windows 10 My webcam and audio are not working

    Up until today, my webcam and audio are working completely fine. Just this morning, when I tried opening "camera" the error :"0xA00F4244<NoCamerasAreAttached> pops up. I have tried restarting my computer, privacy and antivirus settings, and still it's not working. When I tried to join a zoom...
  6. Zohair

    Windows 10 Software specific Bluetooth audio issues

    Hello! Recently I bought Skull candy's Uproar Wireless Bluetooth headset. I connected it to my desktop PC and everything seemed to be working fine. Until I opened up this game called "Fortnite" in which the sound output worked fine in the menus, but once the actual game play started it just...
  7. D

    Windows 7 Volume keeps changing regardless of setted volume

    System:Windows 7 Ultimate x64 So I have the problem that my volume keeps changing regardless of what I set. For example sometimes 5% is already to loud and sometimes 100% not loud enough. I've already tested different headsets and reinstalled my audio drivers but nothing worked and I cant find...
  8. kleanuria

    Windows 10 Directing programs to different audio devices.

    Hi. My problem being I wanna play games with my headset, but at the same time listen to music via speakers. Is it possible to direct audio to different audio devices? I had a program that could do it once, but it cost money so I uninstalled it after the trial. There must be a code or something...
  9. N

    Audio Recorder-Windows 10

    Hello All! I just recently changed over from iOS to Windows and it has not been a smooth transition. I bought a Surface Pro 4 a couple days ago for the main purpose of recording audio during lecture at the same time taking notes on OneNote. This seemed like a very simple thing to accomplish. I...
  10. L

    Windows 10 Sound will not work! Help!

    With the most recent windows update, on Jan 17 2016, I no longer can hear any sound playing. Ive looked through all of the audio settings, and messed with a few that were muted. Now I cant hear anything, but this is not a sound card issue, because I can hear windows automated sounds, but no...
  11. K

    Headphones and speaker issues

    My on board speakers work fine but when I plug in the headphones, I get no sound. The only way I can get the headphones to work is to restart my hp laptop with the headphones plugged in. But once the laptop goes to sleep it won't read the headphones anymore and I have to remove them to get sound...
  12. C

    Windows 10 crackling/static sounds when gaming.

    After installing Windows 10 I started getting a crackling/static sound when playing Call of Duty and it's the only game I play that is getting this issue and it gets worse over time when playing the game. Anyone know why or have any solutions?
  13. S

    Windows 10 Audio louder than usual until volume is changed

    Hello, tonight I upgraded to Windows 10 and began encountering a very strange problem with my audio. What happens is when an audio source starts playing sound, the the sound is louder than it should be - the actual volume in Windows does not change, the sound is just louder. It seems to be only...
  14. FrameEnder

    Windows 8 Virus Removed/Corrupted Sound Drivers!!!

    this problem has started awhile ago I don't know what caused it, but whatever it is it has either deleted, or corrupted the sound drivers on my computer, because whenever I try to use the Audio service on the my x64 Windows 8.1 Dell Laptop it just pops up a Detecting Problems Box, and the Audio...
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