Windows 10 Software specific Bluetooth audio issues


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May 3, 2018

Recently I bought Skull candy's Uproar Wireless Bluetooth headset. I connected it to my desktop PC and everything seemed to be working fine. Until I opened up this game called "Fortnite" in which the sound output worked fine in the menus, but once the actual game play started it just didn't work at all, no warnings or anything. I searched up on Google for a bit and found that if I disable the mic on the headphones by right clicking the sound icon on the system tray and selecting sounds and going to the playback devices tab. Disabling the "Uproar Wireless Hands-free" option while still keeping "Uproar Wireless Audio" option enabled resulted in audio working in game. However, this obviously meant the microphone stopped working, which is far less than ideal.

The other option was to set the "Uproar Wireless Hands-free" both the default playback and communication device, which resulted in both the microphone and audio working. However, the audio became muffled significantly and to the extent that it was unbearable so I had to dismiss that option.

After updating to the April Update, I found that background music stopped playing when I right-clicked the sound icon in the system tray and clicked "Open Sound Settings". Exiting that menu, however, resulted in everything working fine again. It seems to be a windows bug, or am I doing something wrong? Please help me out, thanks :)
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