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    Can't set Headphones as Default Device.

    I'm using a Sades Model SA-901, it has worked perfectly fine until i switched to Windows 10. When i open Play Back Devices and try to set my headphones as the Default Device, the button is pressed but nothing happens. It gives me the option, but it doesn't do anything, for both sound and...
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    Windows 10 [SOLVED] On-board audio driver problem with UEFI

    Hello! I hope someone will take a look and help me with my problem as I cannot figure out it by myself. Background Upgraded Win7 to Win10 (64bit, build 10586.63). Sound was working on Win7 with my headphones. I also dual-boot Ubuntu and I can use my headphones there so I know it's not a...
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    Headphones and speaker issues

    My on board speakers work fine but when I plug in the headphones, I get no sound. The only way I can get the headphones to work is to restart my hp laptop with the headphones plugged in. But once the laptop goes to sleep it won't read the headphones anymore and I have to remove them to get sound...
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    Windows 10 No bottom in my headphones after windows 10 update

    Hi So before i updated to windows 10, my headphones sounded great. But after the update it seams that all the dynamics in the music has been removed... I have tried my headphones with my phone, and they sounded like normal. So the headphones is not the problem. I have tried looking through eq's...
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