Mic not working


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Hello. My computer is a Windows 8 "Pro" (as the sticker on the back says) and the mic does not work. This computer is a brain + monitor, and on the brain has two plugins (one for microphone and one for headphones). If I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack, I can hear any sound my computer makes, but my microphone that is built into my headphones does not work. If I plug it into the microphone jack, my microphone doesn't work and I can't hear anything. I followed many tutorials online, such as making sure the microphone is enabled and updating the microphone driver. It now says it is up to date, and the only difference is now I can record sounds made from my browser. For example, I am trying to do a language course using Google Chrome, and I have to record myself talking in that language. Instead of recording me, it will record the sounds coming from another chrome tab. What should I do about this?