Windows 11 The Bluetooth sound -- Windows 11


Jul 7, 2022
The sound to my wireless headphones no longer works with my computer. It did with Windows 10, but not anymore. Yes, I have tried changing the sound output, forgetting the device, going through everything on the sound settings. I even had my friend who works as a tech for Best Buy look at it and he couldn't find a way to fix it. The computer reacts to my headphones if I pause or play something and the sound doesn't come out of the speakers, but it doesn't come out of anywhere else either. I gave up when it first happened, thinking that when the bugs on Windows 11 were worked out the sound would come back, but that still has not happened.

So to any Windows IT guy -- Please fix this bug so that I can use my headphones again!! I am a college student and it is something that is quite an inconvenience. Please and thank you!
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