1. B

    Windows 10 Sound fluctuates up and down troubleshoot

    I bought an Alienware Aurora R5. I'm under a 3 year extended warranty through Dell for parts and software. The sound fluctuates up and down even after I try to update the sound drivers. I don't want to do a complete reinstall. I want the sound driver fixed! Is there anything that you can...
  2. Colors6

    Lost sound after upgrading to windows 10

    I have a windows stick which plugs into my 22 inch Samsung 22f5100 LED HDTV via HDMI and converts it into a Windows PC. It came preinstalled with windows 8.1 bing. I've upgraded to Windows 10 pro. As a result of this upgrade I've lost sound. I tried upgrading sound driver. Did not help. I...
  3. M

    Windows 10 Altec Lansing Left Speaker not Working

    I've tried many solutions from online, but for some reason, only the left speaker of the two Altec Lansing speakers work. Can someone please help me with this?
  4. A

    Windows 7 boot so fast I dont hear all of the startup sound.....

    Ok I installed a new Crucial SSD and it works great besides a few problems (i will post another thread about the other problems) title says it all for this question... i literally hear only the end of the startup sound and it doesnt even finish the windows animation.... im not sure if i should...
  5. Vandk

    Background Sounds in Windows 10

    Sounds of an advertisement start playing in the background in Windows 10. I just can't shut it off. When I am watching a video, or playing music or skyping, I hear other sounds (from an advertisement, from the sound of it). I hear it even if I have no internet browser running. I can't...
  6. paradive

    movie maker/codec woes

    last week, i switched over to the k-lite codecs. now all of a sudden, WLMM won't import mp3s (i'm assuming the 2 are connected, even though everything else is working fine). how do i point WLMM to the new codec? p.s. yes, i've reinstalled.
  7. L

    Windows 10 Sound will not work! Help!

    With the most recent windows update, on Jan 17 2016, I no longer can hear any sound playing. Ive looked through all of the audio settings, and messed with a few that were muted. Now I cant hear anything, but this is not a sound card issue, because I can hear windows automated sounds, but no...
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