Windows 10 Windows 10 update, audio from PC is gone


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Did Windows 10 update today and my PC audio stopped working, only have sound from monitors. I went to the sound settings area and looked at the output devices and there is only my monitors. I believe there used to be a Realtek thing there (or something else, I can't remember exactly). I also checked the device manager sound controllers and it's not there, checked the sound > playback area and it's not there. Tried updating drivers of everything. Tried deleting drivers and restarting. Used the Windows automatic sound troubleshooter, Uninstalled the Windows update which apparently broke it, directly downloaded and installed the Realtek audio drivers (it shows in the apps, but it does not show in any of the sound / output / playback areas so I cannot enable it). Literally I have done everything possible that I'm aware of to revert or fix this issue to bring back the "pc audio" / realtek / whatever the original in PC sound system is, and have come up with nothing but extreme frustration and despair. Thanks for any specific helpful guidance you can offer.