Creating aggregate audio devices on Windows 10

Cristi An

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Hey there,

New user here, I was wondering if there is anything planned about being able to create aggregate audio devices through some kind of default Windows audio driver/software. This is for recording multiple audio devices simultaneously and without hopefully, latency. Been dealing with this issue a lot, mostly tried to use ASIO4ALL but that has too much latency to be used. I heard on Mac it is very easy to do so, simply through system settings. Would be nice to have this feature on Windows too, as it is 2021 and I heard people asked for this before for many years...

Also, let me know if you know any workarounds that might fix this (eg software similar to ASIO4ALL but perhaps more efficient/optimized).

Thanks and all the best!

Cristi An

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Thank you for your message.

Do you perhaps know any Windows software that is able to create aggregate audio devices? Similar to what is possible in ASIO4ALL, except the latency.

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