My audio device is not working, need help!


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Hi Guys

It seems that when I use online conference applications like Zoom and Teams my audio device is not working properly. But until last week it worked very well. Frequently the other party cannot hear what I say clearly and sometimes they can’t hear me at all. But when I use those applications through my smartphone the audio seems to work even with the same headset. I searched on the internet about this and found some guidelines for that. But the issue remains. Before last week all the applications worked very well for me. I cannot find the reason for this happening suddenly but I need to fix it soon because my work is based on these applications. (I am planning to take this laptop to a repair station)

  • I tried to use different headset devices to fix this issue but it remains as same.
  • Even if I had followed the guidelines given on the internet the issue cannot be solved (In some cases I cannot understand what they are referring to).
I only use the above-mentioned applications for my work and I am planning to take my laptop to a repair shop. But I need to know if is there anything I can do to fix this without going to the repair station. (I have a Windows 10 operating system HP laptop, i7)
Try this: go to ''All settings' > 'System' > 'Sound', on the bottom of that page 'Advanced Sound Settings', there you will find 'Settings and preferences per App. See what it tells you for your app.
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