1. K

    Windows 10 installation. Dozens of Driver errors

    I'm attempting to purchase a new (used, refurbished) Z440 with Windows 10. The first one came with the wrong hardware configuration but while checking it out I noticed a large number of device/driver error in the system devices section of Device Manager. and Problem devices section of the...
  2. joelb

    Windows 10 BsoD when playing games with bluetooth controller

    I've consistently had crashes while playing hollow knight with my ps4 controller. I suspect it has something to do with my ps4 controller or with the game itself since my computer only crashes while playing the game with my controller. I can't say for sure if it's the game, the controller or...
  3. T

    Windows 10 USB MICE UNUSABLE / Error CODE 10 Device Manager (PS/2 Bug)

    Hello everyone! I'm encountering a really annoying and unpredictable problem: for a reason I ignore, my mice (Mad Catz RAT 7) isn't recognized by Windows and has just stop working. When I plug it in, the mice's leds lights up 10sec then suddently light off, and the cursor/clics don't...
  4. G

    Windows 10 Can't set Headphones as Default Device.

    I'm using a Sades Model SA-901, it has worked perfectly fine until i switched to Windows 10. When i open Play Back Devices and try to set my headphones as the Default Device, the button is pressed but nothing happens. It gives me the option, but it doesn't do anything, for both sound and...
  5. L

    Windows 10 WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter error.

    WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter both reporting error 38 - adapter has previous version stored in memory. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?