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  1. Russ Du Preez

    Windows 11 Hacked - Fileless Malware : how do I block incoming requests through bluetooth/wifi at the login screen?

    My main question is does anyone know how to block incoming requests through bluetooth/wifi at the login screen? Everything below is an explanation of what is currently happening to my system: I have been getting hacked this past year. My router is Wi-Fi 6. I am not getting hacked though the...
  2. Desibuoy

    Windows 11 BT issues - Not Discoverable

    Hello, as the title ays. it's a brand new board, installed it a few days ago (basically it's a new build) thought I'd pair my Elite 2 controller but no luck. when I click pair, it's only showing me 2 devices my Nvidia shield and an Unknown Device. When I click on unknown then it's my soundbar...
  3. Makezu

    Windows 10 bluetooth not work

    I know probably asked too much but i can't find any help.. watched youtube videos etc.. Yes, mine bluetooth not work and dont know why? Drivers are newest. I mean when i try send photos to pc it say connection is too far you know basic error probably most users get that.. I SIT NEXT TO PC not...
  4. david99999

    Windows 10 Cordless Headphones Chaos

    Two days ago I used third-party software that updates my drivers and my cordless headphones do not work any longer. When I right-click the Headphones in Sound nothing happens. I use an Ultron Bluetooth dongle so that my headphones (JBL E55BT) connect with the PC. This third-party software...
  5. unnamed53

    Windows 10 Bluetooth headphones will not connect with laptop.

    So I bought these Bluetooth headphones on Amazon, and they just arrived today. For some reason every time they connect, my headphones just turn off. I thought it was just the headphones so I tried it on another laptop just to make sure, but it worked perfectly there. I went to Device Manager and...
  6. pihuel

    Windows 10 Jabra Active 65t

    Hello, I have an Jabra Active 65t headset. They connect well to my phone and personal laptop, but it's not working on my pro laptop. Headsets are paired in bluetooth, but not recognised as audio device, so i can't choose em. See attached file Thanks for your advice
  7. Ssipbunhal

    Windows 10 Usb devices won't work. Help!

    So basically I have a Bluetooth mouse. Specifically a Logitech M325 Bluetooth mouse. It stopped working a month ago. I have tried everything. Such as trying to update my drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers but none of it has worked. Is there anything else I can do? Is it a problem...
  8. Frippsy

    Windows 10 Muffled sound with headphones

    So I have stumbled upon this problem where all sounds are muffled as soon as I connect my Bluetooth headphones. Now I have occurred this problem before with a MacBook and another computer with windows 10 (Current one has windows 8.1), but with those, I would just go in to sound settings and...
  9. Zohair

    Windows 10 Software specific Bluetooth audio issues

    Hello! Recently I bought Skull candy's Uproar Wireless Bluetooth headset. I connected it to my desktop PC and everything seemed to be working fine. Until I opened up this game called "Fortnite" in which the sound output worked fine in the menus, but once the actual game play started it just...
  10. ViceZX

    Windows 10 bluetooth drivers turning off from hibernation

    i bought this samsung slate series 7 pc tablet to perfom office work, this tablet came with windows 10 installed and i didnt had any problems setting the bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work however when i put the tablet on suspention/hibernation and turn it back on the bluetooth drivers stop...