Windows 10 bluetooth not work


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I know probably asked too much but i can't find any help.. watched youtube videos etc..

Yes, mine bluetooth not work and dont know why? Drivers are newest. I mean when i try send photos to pc it say connection is too far you know basic error probably most users get that.. I SIT NEXT TO PC not even too far it should be enough distance and it should to work but no.. my bluetooth mouse not work too it is connected yeah but range is too far i think but its not moving when i try move cursor..

Already done:

removed all devices + reinstalled then again + reboot --> not work

Windows 11 is already clean installed not should be problem (i think) it was same in W10..

any tips?
I would suggest you reset or troubleshoot the Bluetooth driver... If you are using an HP machine use HP support assistance. I am sure it will work for you....