Windows 10 bluetooth drivers turning off from hibernation


Dec 11, 2015
i bought this samsung slate series 7 pc tablet to perfom office work, this tablet came with windows 10 installed and i didnt had any problems setting the bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work

however when i put the tablet on suspention/hibernation and turn it back on the bluetooth drivers stop working completely, they even dissapear from the drivers option and even the bluetooth tab dissapears from general settings. the only way to make them to work again is to completely reestart the tablet

is there a way to fix this so i can put the tablet on rest/hibernation without the bluetooth drivers shooting off?
  • You can go into Device Manager
  • Right Click the Bluetooth device
  • Properties
  • Power Management
  • Uncheck the "Allow this device to power off"
Of course this would only work for sleep.

When the computer hibernates all the content of RAM is saved to disk and the computer is shutdown and is using almost 0% power
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