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My on board speakers work fine but when I plug in the headphones, I get no sound. The only way I can get the headphones to work is to restart my hp laptop with the headphones plugged in. But once the laptop goes to sleep it won't read the headphones anymore and I have to remove them to get sound from the speakers. The only thing under playback devices is speakers/hp. Even when the headphones are working. The set default button is grayed out. Under properties, the controller information is realtek high definition audio. The drivers are updated. The headphones icon isn't under the recording devices either. I've tried to uninstall the realtek audio and reinstall but no change. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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A known issue, you'll just have to wait for Microsoft to get around to fixing their drivers.

as a work around you can manualy set the sound card to enable headphone sound... the system will have asked to disable this by default the very first time you opened the sound interface and most people just click ok without looking at the message.


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Also, too, some laptops are picky about audio source selections if you have your Laptop hooked to an external video output device such as a connection to a large screen TV or monitor via HDMI. For example, on my Sony Vaio laptop, when I try to switch from TV sound to internal laptop speaker sound or headphone sound, it doesn't work unless I unplug my HDMI cable from the laptop. In addition, I have to disable the RealTek HDMI driver or Intel HDMI Audio Driver as well. This laptop was a Vista-era laptop, upgraded to Win7 and then to W10. What's funny is that I don't have as many Audio problems with W10 on this laptop as I did with Vista/Win7.

If you are connected to an external video output source as I suggest, you might consider to repeat the headphone test with the external TV or Monitor disconnected and see if you get the same result.

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The only thing under playback devices is speakers/hp

Dell machine I was using it as well. I still win 10 more pleasure because it has many applications hii


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Hi kenhtoday and welcome to the forum :up:

Dell has thousands of model of computers that are capable of upgrading to W10. What is the Make/Model of yours please?

And please provide the EXACT version number and date of the Audio driver for that computer please. Also, is it a desktop PC, laptop, or a home-built PC?


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Exactly as above what is the model? Aside from my two towers I also have an H.P 8440P EliteBook that uses IDT sound hardware. There have been a lot people that were not aware that the only way to get the headset-speaker auto detection to work you HAD to use Windows 10 as an in place upgrade because IDT audio has no software (audio control panel) for the Windows 10 driver. I also had to use it in Win 7 compatibility mode (the IDT Audio panel) for it to work with Windows 10 -- the auto jack sensing that is. Otherwise the default Windows drivers worked fine. I had to go through this with about 100+ users @ Notebook review as well to get various H.P models working for folks for various reasons with various H.P laptop models. H.P can be really tricky with audio and OS upgrades just letting you know.

As as BIGBEARJEDI posted the exact laptop model is crucial here as well as a few other things you could mention:

*When did you upgrade to Windows 10 and did you check the website for your model number to be sure it was fully compliant for the upgrade. If not, given your specific circumstance did you notice proper Windows 10 "realtek" drivers listed for your model for download?

*You did say you tried reinstalling Realtek drivers, but where did you get them from? Were they just generic realtec drivers that you may have downloaded from the Realtek site? I ask because H.P laptop sound drivers and be model specific -- extremely so for full functionality.


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@WilliamB: Thanks for the assist, William!:D Very informative, perhaps we will hear back from the OP eventually. Many new Members are afraid of giving us their hardware specs recently, I'm not sure if they think we can track them or something or what? This has been a recent trend; not sure why. When one goes to their Car Mechanic, they are going to get similar questions. What Model and Year is it? Is it a 4x2, AWD, 4x4? v4, v6, or v8? Does it have stock engine, transmission, etc. or has it been modified in any way? We certainly would ask more questions if we were trying to break into your computer or track your or steal your identity or whatever.:iee: <<<BBJ>>>

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