Directing programs to different audio devices.


My problem being I wanna play games with my headset, but at the same time listen to music via speakers. Is it possible to direct audio to different audio devices? I had a program that could do it once, but it cost money so I uninstalled it after the trial. There must be a code or something that's easy enough I would assume. Don't wanna pay like 50€ for something that could be done for free.

Any advice is welcome!


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Other than a given program having the ability to redirect it's own audio, I don't believe there is a way to do this natively. This program looks like it may work but it does cost $20 CheVolume, Liberate your Audio.


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I might be totally wrong in this but if you have Realtek onboard audio then you may have the same settings as arrowed here:
two streams..jpg

You can see by what's arrowed that a audio stream can be enabled for the back of the pc as well as the front. I've never tried to do this myself so I cannot advise you further but it might be worth a go? (if you have the same or similar set up that is)..

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