Audio Recorder-Windows 10


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Hello All!

I just recently changed over from iOS to Windows and it has not been a smooth transition. I bought a Surface Pro 4 a couple days ago for the main purpose of recording audio during lecture at the same time taking notes on OneNote. This seemed like a very simple thing to accomplish. I was wrong. Every single time the audio recorder app is minimized or I change over to write on OneNote it would pause the recording. This was the case for every single audio recorder I tried from Windows Store. Now, you might suggest using a third-party like Audacity. I tried this, but I found that I would have to export every audio file and save it into One Drive. This is just too tedious to do everyday for 4 different classes. It is also too complex of a program for what I'm trying to accomplish. You might also suggest to use the audio recorder on OneNote. Well, there is another problem to this. The software crashes every time I try to playback the audio. Also, I cannot easily extract the audio since the .wma files are saved in randomly generated .bin files. To be honest, I didn't spend $1000 for a whole lot of inconveniences.

If anyone can give me any tips or suggestions on what I should do about this. I am so desperate. I might just return this and get an iPad and easily execute these simple tasks. I just want a simple audio recorder software/app that can be easily sync with OneDrive and be used simultaneously with OneNote.

Thank you for your time.
I might just return this and get an iPad and easily execute these simple tasks.
Thats your best best as wx is still in betta and onenote | onedrive never worked from day one because Microsoft wants it to be a Microsoft only thing that doesn't sync well (at all) with other 3rd party software.