1. bedouinbro

    one drive custom folders sync

    i want to sync two custom folders with the same name from different directories to Onedrive, found something in this forum...
  2. R

    OneDrive issue

    I unlinked my OneDrive account and this called trouble. After unlinking, MS Outlook doesn't start, I can't even check my emails. The only option was to purchase a monthly plan for storage in Onedrive. It seems choosing Office 365 was my biggest mistake in the first place...
  3. M

    Windows 10 Windows Developers still drinking too much Diet Coke!

    Whew! Using Microsoft operating systems from DOS to Windows, over the past forty years did not prepare me for the chaos created by Microsoft. I am very close to tossing the expensive Dell PC I purchased several years ago, and spending even more money on an Apple computer. The problem started...
  4. SarahEnrici

    Windows 10 Sharegate

    I need to transfer data (files and folders) to SharePoint Online and OneDrive as we do our office 365 migration. Currently, we are looking at Sharegate but the price and amount of work involved are a bit more than we want to spend in terms of budget. Was hoping to find something a lot more...
  5. BringMeASunkist

    Windows 10 Windows constantly asking for me to sign into OneDrive?

    Windows is asking me to sign into OneDrive about once an hour. My problem is that I changed the email address my OneDrive is associated with, and now I can't log back into it on this machine. Is there a way to fix that? The account it's referencing is no longer accessible.
  6. A

    Windows 10 How to remove the annoying little One Drive check marks

    ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* This is just a segment to talk about a website. Go to TLDR for the issue. There is a particular site I had...
  7. Steve Gibson

    Windows 10 OneDrive Crashing on open

    I'm having a problem getting Onedrive to run on my Windows 10 PC. It started continually crashing and automatically restarting, so I went through the steps to remove it and reinstall it from the command line. I also ran CCleaner to remove any remaining things in the registry. I reinstalled it...
  8. Steven Ridley

    Windows 7 OneDrive

    Dear Members, Please help me. Earlier today I uninstalled OneDrive from my PC, forgetting that some very important files were still there. I have reinstalled OneDrive on the concerned PC, but none of the files were in my OneDrive Folder. I believe they are still in the cloud (OneDrive), but I...
  9. N

    Audio Recorder-Windows 10

    Hello All! I just recently changed over from iOS to Windows and it has not been a smooth transition. I bought a Surface Pro 4 a couple days ago for the main purpose of recording audio during lecture at the same time taking notes on OneNote. This seemed like a very simple thing to accomplish. I...
  10. M

    Windows 10 One Drive Phone Pictures

    I take a pictures on the phone and it syncs with One Drive, I have tried to disable One Drive, however the pictures still show up on the computer and on the start menu. It is an android phone.
  11. I

    Windows 10 One Drive-ing me out of my mind.

    Used Dropbox with zero issues for years. Syncs perfectly across any device, platform etc. I got a very nice deal on Office 2016 Pro (10 bucks legit!) so that is my office suite. I long ago signed up for One Drive but just never used it. I have 40GB free. So... considering the tight...
  12. jonklaus

    Slow Office Sync with onedrive

    I often work with rather large PowerPoint files (embedded videos, etc), and am having a really irritating problem with files that I have synced with OneDrive. Every time I save these large files, Office first saves a local copy, then proceeds to give an "Uploading to OneDrive" message at the...