1. Steve Gibson

    Windows 10 OneDrive Crashing on open

    I'm having a problem getting Onedrive to run on my Windows 10 PC. It started continually crashing and automatically restarting, so I went through the steps to remove it and reinstall it from the command line. I also ran CCleaner to remove any remaining things in the registry. I reinstalled it...
  2. S


    Dear Members, Please help me. Earlier today I uninstalled OneDrive from my PC, forgetting that some very important files were still there. I have reinstalled OneDrive on the concerned PC, but none of the files were in my OneDrive Folder. I believe they are still in the cloud (OneDrive), but I...
  3. N

    Audio Recorder-Windows 10

    Hello All! I just recently changed over from iOS to Windows and it has not been a smooth transition. I bought a Surface Pro 4 a couple days ago for the main purpose of recording audio during lecture at the same time taking notes on OneNote. This seemed like a very simple thing to accomplish. I...
  4. M

    One Drive Phone Pictures

    I take a pictures on the phone and it syncs with One Drive, I have tried to disable One Drive, however the pictures still show up on the computer and on the start menu. It is an android phone.
  5. I

    Windows 10 One Drive-ing me out of my mind.

    Used Dropbox with zero issues for years. Syncs perfectly across any device, platform etc. I got a very nice deal on Office 2016 Pro (10 bucks legit!) so that is my office suite. I long ago signed up for One Drive but just never used it. I have 40GB free. So... considering the tight...
  6. jonklaus

    Slow Office Sync with onedrive

    I often work with rather large PowerPoint files (embedded videos, etc), and am having a really irritating problem with files that I have synced with OneDrive. Every time I save these large files, Office first saves a local copy, then proceeds to give an "Uploading to OneDrive" message at the...
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