Windows 10 Sound will not work! Help!


Jan 17, 2016
With the most recent windows update, on Jan 17 2016, I no longer can hear any sound playing. Ive looked through all of the audio settings, and messed with a few that were muted. Now I cant hear anything, but this is not a sound card issue, because I can hear windows automated sounds, but no other sounds. Help!

Edit: I use windows 10
Hi Logan,
did you try updating the driver
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If installing the latest drivers does't work...

That sound like an issue that I had with Windows 10.
Do you have a Sound Blaster sound card?

The first thing that I'd try is opening the Sound panel and look at what it's using as your default sound device.

Open Control Panel and click on Sound and then look at the Playback tab.

If it's showing your sound card as the default device, select Configure and test it.
If you hear the default test sound but you still don't get sound from other sources try uninstalling your sound card in Device Manager,

Right click on the Start Button and select Device Manager.
Find the device that's set as default under, Sound, Video and Game Controllers, right click on it and chose select uninstall, if you have the option select, Remove drivers for this device.

Reboot your computer, and Windows will detect, reinstall, and select what it thinks are the correct drivers for your device.

If this doesn't fix it, you may have the same problem that I and one of my friends did.
There is something that makes some Sound Blaster card not work correctly with Windows 10 and installing the latest drivers doesn't fix it.

Installing older drivers does but Windows keeps updating them.

What I finally had to do was plug my speakers into my mother board sound connectors and change the setting in the Playback tab to make the Realtek High Definition Audio Device as my default playback device.

That solved all my problems and to tell you the truth I can't tell the difference in the sound quality.

I hope this helps.

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