Windows suddenly will not detect one monitor and the other one flickers!


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I left my PC running last night which I dont normally do and my main monitor now cant be detected by windows and my secondary monitor flickers every few seconds and when it flickers the screen kind of refreshes, my cursor goes away for a second, it stops recognizing keystrokes, and the computer freezes for a moment. However, when my main monitor (the one that wont connect at all) is turned off, the flickering stops. The main monitor is stuck in a loop of trying to connect to my computer.

A couple weeks ago I experienced this same problem immediately after a Windows update. The problem went away immediately after uninstalling my antivirus, Eset. This time, there was no windows update involved, and I have tried uninstalling Eset again and the problem is still persisting. I system restored my PC to one week ago and I'm still experiencing the problem, even though it only started this morning. I was using my PC late last night and left it running. I think I actually left the monitors on. Normally I power everything down when I'm done.

I decided to look at my windows update history and the only thing that was installed/updated today were 2 Samsung drivers:

SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. - USB - and SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. - Modem -

Yesterday I did plug in my samsung phone to transfer music off my computer, but I did that in the evening and these drivers were updated sometime after 12am last night.

These drivers only show up in device manager when my samsung cell phone is plugged in. When I uninstall them it doesnt fix the problem.

Due to only one monitor flickering, i dont think it's an issue with my drivers... A few weeks ago when I had the same problem I went through my display/GPU, installed them, updated them, and tried rolling them back and nothing fixed it. All I did was uninstall Eset and the problem immediately went away. (The only reason I even tried uninstalling Eset is because I was trying to do a system restore and was getting a notification from windows that I would need to uninstall eset prior to doing the system restore, but when I tried that and restarted my computer the montiors worked fine..

Anyways... here are my specs: My computer is a Powerspec g162.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8 core processor
AMD Radeon RX580 GPU
ASRock B450M/AC System Board
16GB Ram
Windows 10 64-but version 2004
Experience pack: 120.2212.551.0
250gb NVMe SSd
7tb HDD.

Since then I have installed Malwarebytes. I guess I'll try uninstalling that and seeing if it helps. I'll update when I'm done.

Can anyone please help me?

Edit: uninstalling malwarebytes did not help.


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have you tried unplugging the second monitor and seeing if you can at least get back to square one with the main montor working?