1. R

    Windows 10 Second monitor

    Hello. So when I connect only my TV as intended 1. monitor, everything is fine. As soon as I connect a 2. monitor (actual PC monitor), windows detects the 2. one as monitor number 1, even when I set the actual first one as my main monitor. I have no idea how to fix that and my patience with...
  2. R

    Windows 10 Dragging effect

    Hello, I just bought a new monitor and connected it to my pc and it worked fine. Until i tried to drag an app to my other monitor. I had to move my cursor really quick to be able to drag it to the other screen. When i dragged something there was sort of an effect at the place where i was trying...
  3. W

    Windows 10 Errors after regular Windows update

    After I let my computer go through the automatic regular Windows update a few weeks ago, a few things became so strange with my computer. First, if I click the windows button, then it only shows “Shut down” and “Restart”. Before my computer did the regular Windows update, it showed “Sleep”. Of...
  4. usermn

    Display with DisplayPort, CPU with HDMI

    There is a monitor with a DisplayPort input port. There is a desktop computer with an HDMI output port. Is it possible to connect the two?
  5. Romchik9007

    Windows 10 ASUS 144Hz Monitor issue

    Hello all, hope all is well. I've bought a brand new monitor: ASUS VG248QE But here's the problem, when the monitor arrived, it came with a CD of what I assume would be drivers for the monitor. However, my PC doesn't have a generic CD/DVD reader. I've installed and connected the monitor to the...
  6. K

    Windows 8 Monitor resolution

    Hey everyone So i guess i messed up a bit somewhere and i cant seem to find a solution for desktop and office software are showing a rather big size for their toolbars....i can't really describe it any better but its somehow related to the resolution. Currently my screen resolution is...
  7. JeronStevens

    Windows 10 Monitor troubles

    Hello, I recently got a new monitor. Before i was using two monitors as extended desktop, i was able to replace my main monitor with my new one, and all worked well. Upon restarting my computer, only my new main monitor works, and the restitution changes to the minimum, my secondary monitor...
  8. houssg

    Windows 7 How to know which program is changing my system time.

    Hi, On my machine, the time is changing always, I don't know why. (if its 3:15 it gets to 3:19), and every time I set it back to right time it change again by an amount of 4 mins. Is there a way to fix this ? thank you.
  9. O

    Windows 10 Dual Monitor/Program Priority Issue

    I am using 2 monitors. I like to be able to stream my cable through Microsoft Edge on one monitor and continue to do other work or web browsing on the other. However if I am interacting with the monitor that is not playing the video Microsoft edge acts as if it's running in the background and...
  10. A

    Windows 10 Windows 10 - using tv as monitor - black on startup

    Hey guys, I'm using my hd tv via hdmi as the sole monitor for my Windows 10 desktop. However I keep finding when starting up PC after shutting down, that after the first 10-15 seconds the tv goes black as if the monitor has been disconnected. Ive tried unplugging the hdmi cable from to and PC...
  11. S

    Screen brightness locked

    I have a Lenove Ideapad z400 that came with Windows 8. Ever since I “upgraded” from Windows 8.1 to 10, the brightness adjust buttons immediately make the screen change to the lowest brightness setting – unusable in all but near-darkness. - The first time it happened, I updated the graphics...
  12. Burak

    Windows 7 Windows not detecting HDMI since motherboard change

    Good day and sorry if this was posted before but I'm searching for a solution for 3 days now and it's kind of nerve wrecking. So, I used to have a Gigabyte Mainboard (78LMT UBS3) which broke down eventually so I bought myself an ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0. When I used the Gigabyte Mainboard I had 2...
  13. B

    Windows 10 on booting monitor remains blank, says 'no signal'

    All, When i first installed Windows10, i got a blurry screen. I changed the settings on my display but accidently gave priority to another monitor i don't have. I only have one monitor. Now everytime i boot the system, i get the manufacturer logo and the screen showing the loader, but after...
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