Dual Monitor/Program Priority Issue


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I am using 2 monitors. I like to be able to stream my cable through Microsoft Edge on one monitor and continue to do other work or web browsing on the other. However if I am interacting with the monitor that is not playing the video Microsoft edge acts as if it's running in the background and the video and audio stutters often and sometimes it gets to a point where they are out of synch. Is there any way to remedy this?


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split the screen... this makes both sides 'active' at the same time
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Go to Open Action Center->All Settings->System->Display and make sure that under the MULTIPLE DISPLAYS, you have it set to "EXTEND THESE DISPLAYS". Your video card should do the rest. I just tested this on my dell desktop PC, and am watching Deep Space Nine on Netflix via Edge full screen on my primary 24"monitor, while looking at MSN.com and reading news full screen on my 2nd monitor, a 20" display running Chrome. I also keep my Google Calendar up on that 2nd monitor for checking dates while E-mailing, making Hotel and travel reservations, etc. It works great! :fdance:

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