Windows 10 on booting monitor remains blank, says 'no signal'

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by Bart Van Hecke, Sep 6, 2015.

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    When i first installed Windows10, i got a blurry screen. I changed the settings on my display but accidently gave priority to another monitor i don't have. I only have one monitor. Now everytime i boot the system, i get the manufacturer logo and the screen showing the loader, but after that i get a 'no signal' message and the screen gets into sleep mode. I ultimately pressed F8 and let Windows reset the PC all over again. I rebooted and again got a black screen, but this time i was able to pres 'CTRL' and enter my password on a black screen (a blind login i'd say) and i got my screen back. Only the windows of the applications showed up on the missing screen i don't have. I pressed 'CTRL - windows - P' and got it to display on my monitor but again, i thought i would have pressed the right option to show everything on only the PC-screen. Apparently (maybe i'm stupid) Windows regards the 'other' monitor as the PC screen and am back to where i started. Only this time i cannot hit F8. It keeps starting up, showing the manufacturer logo, the loader and then the 'no signal' message after which it goes into sleep. I don't know what to do anymore.
    Can anybody suggest?

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    If you had access to a different machine or even a friends you could download the Windows 10 iso and then burn it to either USB or disk. You could then boot from it and instead of re-installing enter the recovery options. You can download the iso from this page here:
    Windows 10
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    Is it a PC or laptop? Have you the possibility to connect the monitor you have, to the second connector on the back of your PC? Or perhaps, for the time being, connect your flatscreen TV as the second monitor and reboot?

    Once you have a picture back you should be able to switch the default monitor back by right clicking on the desktop ('Bureaublad') and selecting 'Display settings' ('Beelscherminstellingen')
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    Have you tried , when you have a picture, right clicking the screen and selecting "Display Settings". In that window, you can "Identify" your monitor, which should(?) sort it out.

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