1. lugstory

    Windows 10 Help with Booting into Windows

    Hello, I am a windows 10 user and about a year ago i have upgraded my 1 TB hard drive to an SSD, I have used a tool for that and it worked perfectly fine. The problem is that today, when I had both the SSD and the hard drive active in my system, I tried booting into the hard drive and it just...
  2. Anothour

    Windows 10 My elitebook keeps locking.

    About around 2 minutes being on, my windows 10 laptop automatically locks it's self. It always does this on the weekends and its so annoying. Can someone please help?
  3. C

    Windows 10 Suspicous folders keep creating

    Hi, Yesterday i noticed some files and folders i haven't seen before. They looked strange so i scanned my device but the scan turned out negative. After deleting the folders, they receated under a new name and the files inside were also named differently. It seems that the names are just random...
  4. S

    Windows 7 SOLVED: Windows update failing and Display/Graphics driver faulty/partially installed.

    SOLVED Problem(s): Windows Update Failing to install updates (Error Code 641) & AMD Display Driver's "Partially Installed". Solution(s): Enable Windows Installer service manually. Windows 7 steps: Press the Windows key. > Type services.msc and press enter. > Navigate to Windows Installer down...
  5. D

    Windows 8 Directplay not in windows 8.1

    Hello there. I'm trying to get a retail version of an old game running. The game runs, but I have a problem. I've searched around a bit, and the solution seems to be turning directplay on. I go to control panel, and to my surprise directplay isn't there, nor the legacy folder it's contained in...
  6. J

    Windows 10 Windows Cumulative update fails to install

    Specs: 8GB RAM RX 480 i5-7500 Windows 10 Home (Currently running on version KB2565063 - the last update which correctly installed) Running Windows Firewall and Malwarebytes as Anti Virus software - as far as I know the system is on the correct time (GMT +1 or BST) The latest update...
  7. J

    Windows 10 Critical Process died BSOD.

    Hello, recently I've getting getting numerous errors with my PC, and at first I thought it was hard drive related, however now I am not so sure. I will list problems in order from when they started happening to what's happening now (after a clean system restore) C:120G...
  8. bodweiser

    Windows 10 USB Always Showing Code 28

    So as of very recently, none of my USB drivers have been working. Plugging in lets say my phone will charge it, but it wont be recognized as a device attached. After some playing around in my device manager, I see that my phone has the message "The drivers for this device are not installed...
  9. A

    Windows 7 ghost shortcuts/folders appearing/corrupted files

    Hi there I have a strange problem. A few hours ago, I noticed a bunch of random inaccessible folders and ran an SFC scannow only to find some files were corrupted. Not really sure what to do about it. Hope you guys can help! Here's a picture of what I mean Problem by arcdawn posted Oct 27, 2015...
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