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Windows 10 I messed up my graphics driver


New Member
Aug 7, 2022
tl;dr at the bottom.

I have an old (~9 years) Medion Erazer (Windows 10) desktop which had been experiencing several issues as of late. One of those issues was random computer freezes, predominantly when playing video games. I realized that I had several broken registers on my computer which I tried to fix with a Windows re-install. This temporarily fixed the crashes but they kept occurring after a while. One of my drivers was also broken and showed an exclamation mark with a code 10 error message when I tried to update the driver in device manager.

Now, in doing so, I think I messed up and accidentally installed the wrong driver file. Instead of manually updating the driver that was broken (I don't remember which one it was) I think I installed it in my display driver.

Shortly after doing so, (few hours) my screen started glitching slightly and then another full-on computer freeze occurred. When I tried to reboot the computer, my device would turn on (and along with it keyboard, mouse etc) but the screen would remain black, except for a thin line of pixels. (white and green) At the very start, it shows "Medion" for a few seconds on screen, but after that it only shows a black screen and those pixels.

Since I can't access my computer anymore, I'm pretty much lost on how to fix this issue, if possible at all. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks a lot.

tl;dr: Installed the wrong driver file in my display driver and now computer screen won't turn on except for a few pixels.

P.s: I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, hope it belongs here.
a 9 year old system may not actually have any Windows 10 drivers so that is the first thing you need to check
goto MEDION Service with your model number and see if they have W10 listed