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  1. R

    Windows 2000 Poor Resolution Setting After re Install Windows 2000

    Hi all, I have re Installed Windows 2000 in a medical device (Ultrasound) due a hard drive fail. After the re install I can not get the Monitor resolution more than 800x600 and 16 color. In this machine there is only a SVGA Controller chip at the mother board an not a graphic card therefore I...
  2. Thommy

    Windows 10 I messed up my graphics driver

    tl;dr at the bottom. I have an old (~9 years) Medion Erazer (Windows 10) desktop which had been experiencing several issues as of late. One of those issues was random computer freezes, predominantly when playing video games. I realized that I had several broken registers on my computer which I...
  3. U

    Windows 7 On and off black screen after sleep

    Stats: Sony VAIO All in One PC 64 Well basically what happened was, I put the computer to sleep using the FN+F8 keys on the keyboard (Logitech MK320 Wireless). About maybe an hour or an hour an a half, I clicked the space bar, it woke up, and I put in the password. It quickly logged in, and as...
  4. K

    Windows 7 Raedon ATI display driver?

    Hi, Keep getting the message 'Raedon ATI display driver stopped'. The graphics go black, come back for a second, then blue screen. Usually the computer will then restart with the message that it has 'recovered'. Do I need a new graphics card please? Thanks
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