PC Will Power On But Won't Boot - Windows 7 64 Bit


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Hello All,

My system is a customer build running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 bit. I recently picked up a new SSD since my older HDD was near full of memory. I installed the SSD and things were fie for the first few hours, I was able to relocate my Dropbox local file drive to the new drive, which cleared up a lot of memory on my HDD. Then after that my system started running slow (launching programs slowed and some would crash, like my web browser or C Cleaner). So I managed to uninstall dropbox, as it was trying to sync almost 1 TB of data back to my HDD, which is should have stayed mapped to my new SDD).

In any case, the core issue is that to be safe, I removed my SSD and then attempted to boot my PC in safe mode. I used the msconfig command under boot checked the restart in safe mode box to manually force a safemode boot. Now my PC turns on (my fans come on and my disk drives light up, however my system does not boot.

Any ideas on a work around? Thank you.


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Then it's likely either a bad power supply or motherboard.

Power supplies put out different voltages on the different connectors, so you can get fans, lights or both running, but there isn't any or enough power getting to either the motherboard or the CPU.

I would start by replacing the power supply, it's fairly simple and there are many youtube videos. If that doesn't work you can typically return the power supply without any fuss and then you may be looking at replacing the motherboard.


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Before replacing a PSU, I'd at first try resetting the cmos.


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Update: I saw my video card was a little loose (not sure how that happened) so I removed it, and the system was able to boot up. I uninstalled dropbox. Now my system crashes after about 15 minutes of run time, full blue screen and physical memory dump. Would it be advised to post the crash log files here?

Thank you all again for your help. This is exactly why I have 2 laptops as backups.