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Windows 10 Windows 10 system keeps waking up from sleep


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Dec 8, 2011
Over the last few days (maybe a week or two?), my system has begun waking from sleep without any normal reason; e.g., no movement of the mouse, etc. It wakes up frequently like every 10-15 minutes but sometimes even after a shorter period. I've been reviewing the system event logs but have not found the cause. Open to suggestions of what might be causing this or where else to look.

What I've done without any change in behavior:
  • I've closed all of my tray apps and killed several "update monitor" tasks.
  • I stopped the TimeBrokerSvc service.
  • I noticed event log entries regarding failure to reach time.windows.com and thought maybe that was waking it up. I did a manual sync and confirmed it failed so I switched to time.nist.gov which succeeded manually.
  • Disabled automatic time sync.
Below are the most recent entries starting from the point where I manually put it to sleep. It then just woke up a few seconds later. It looks like the "Power-TroubleShooter" source is reporting an issue from the "Device -PCI Express Root Port"?

10/14/2022 11:49:41 PM 1 Power-TroubleShooter The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2022‎-‎10‎-‎15T06:49:09.870291200Z Wake Time: ‎2022‎-‎10‎-‎15T06:49:40.062790900Z Wake Source: Device -PCI Express Root Port
10/14/2022 11:49:38 PM 130 Kernel-Power Firmware S3 times. SuspendStart: 3303162, SuspendEnd: 3303299
10/14/2022 11:49:38 PM 131 Kernel-Power Firmware S3 times. ResumeCount: 8, FullResume: 1881, AverageResume: 1882
10/14/2022 11:49:38 PM 1 Kernel-General The system time has changed to ‎2022‎-‎10‎-‎15T06:49:38.500000000Z from ‎2022‎-‎10‎-‎15T06:49:12.351015000Z. Change Reason: System time synchronized with the hardware clock. Process: '' (PID 4).
10/14/2022 11:49:12 PM 107 Kernel-Power The system has resumed from sleep.
10/14/2022 11:49:10 PM 42 Kernel-Power The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Application API
10/14/2022 11:49:09 PM 187 Kernel-Power User-mode process attempted to change the system state by calling SetSuspendState or SetSystemPowerState APIs.
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Running the command powercfg /lastwake should tell you what woke up the system
@Neemobeer Thanks; the output is below. 'Confirms the event log entry. I've started searching for that phrase and this appears to be a pretty common issue; lot's of articles out there in many places.

PS C:> powercfg /lastwake
Wake History Count - 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count - 1
Wake Source [0]
Type: Device
Instance Path: PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_1483&SUBSYS_14531022&REV_00\3&11583659&0&0A
Friendly Name:

Description: PCI Express Root Port
Manufacturer: (Standard system devices)
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You can try running powercfg /devicequery wake_armed
If the device is listed, sometimes the names don't match up then run

If the device I want to disable from the previous command is "Annoying Device" then type

powercfg /devicedisablewake "Annoying Device"
PS C:\> powercfg /devicequery wake_armed
NVIDIA USB Type-C Port Policy Controller
Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE Family Controller
Wireless Keyboard Filter Device
HID-compliant mouse (001)

Based upon what I've read in some other articles, it appears the likely culprit is the "NVIDIA USB Type-C Port Policy Controller". So I did:
powercfg /devicedisablewake "NVIDIA USB Type-C Port Policy Controller"

I'll monitor and see. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this!
It just woke up again because of the same device. So, I did the below to see if it makes a difference.
powercfg /devicedisablewake "Wireless Keyboard Filter Device"

UPDATE: I went through the listed devices and finally disabled the "Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE Family Controller". That seems to have been the culprit as it has not woken from sleep in in a couple hours.

@Neemobeer - Thanks again for providing the direction; credit to you for the solution.

UPDATE: Still continues to sleep without waking after 48 hours.
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My wife's Dell 3565 laptop was doing the same thing plus rebooting without warning. I found two things that could have caused the problem; one was a loose screw that hold the display to the base (probably not a big problem) and after disconnecting her "laptop cooling pad" from the USB port -- that stopped all her weird problems. This could be due to a power drain or noise injected into her laptop power system. One never knows. Most of the guess work I used as an electronics tech and/or engineer for 60+ years was just that; guessing.
It happened to me as well, after all troubleshooting, determined the culprit was my keyboard usb connection driver update.