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    Windows 10 Problem Activating Pro

    Thank you for the reply, I will save it for future reference. But; When the install finished and I knew something was different as my purchased tiles started to reload (they would not when the copy was considered not activated). The copy now says activated by digital licence linked to my...
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    Windows 10 Problem Activating Pro

    Background... a few days ago I shutdown and disconnected my Desktop PC (running valid upgrade to Pro) and cleaned the inside (compressed air). Upon reconnecting it to all of the cords it decided to go into a BSOD loop. Long story short I did a repair and then did a hardware test (all was OK)...
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    Fingerprint Scanner

    I have an HP ENVY dv6-7398ca Notebook PC and after I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 the fingerprint scanner stopped working. I tried the recommended driver from Microsoft and reinstalling every previous driver I could find with no luck. I figured I just had to live without it... then I fired up my...
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    laptop mouse pad will not scroll one finger since windows 10

    After I did a refresh of Windows 10 from USB I too forum my touch pad was not working as I liked. I was able to set it up with the functions I wanted by doing the following; SETUP> devices> Mouse & touchpad> Additional mouse options> here I found the ever familiar Mouse Properties and the tab...
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    Windows 10 successes

    I suspect you are correct. I chose to try and upgrade my daily driver as is and to make a long story short after an upgrade with issues, a failed attempt to go back to Windows 8.1 and subsequent re-upgrade with new and different issues. I decided to do a refresh keeping only my data and dumping...
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    Windows Store Doesn't Open.

    I have two apps that have had their names change in the start menu, but they both still open. @{Microsoft.People_1.10159.0.0x64__8weky... and @{Microsoft.3DBuilder_10.0.0.0x64__8weky... I unloaded 3D Builder and reloaded it and that fixed the name but People is an app you can not delete so I...
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    Windows 10 Phantom notifications

    A few times a day (or hour) the notification icon turn white and hovering over the Notification icon will cause a small message "New notifications". Yet, when you click on the icon there are no messages? Is anyone else seeing this?
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    Fix for the 80240020 error when trying to install Windows 10

    Yes, but I might plan on doing a wipe and install from scratch as the Laptop seems to be having a few issues. It often hangs on shutdown or has issues with speed after coming back up from Sleep Mode. It feels like maybe driver issues yet Device Manager is clear of any issues. I am just starting...
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    Fix for the 80240020 error when trying to install Windows 10

    This did not work for me as well. My system also had failed upgrade entries in the log. I ended up running this twice as the first attempt crashed right after the download and verification. I chose the option to update and not create the install disk. 3 hours of playing around to get an...
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    Insider Preview Delete the Hyper-V VM before Installing Win 10?

    Thanks that's what I thought, I will note the path or move the VM off of my laptop before installing. As for a backup, I have my critical files backed up (and I will update before the upgrade) so if I have to wipe and install from scratch I am ok with that. Thanks for the help!
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    Insider Preview Delete the Hyper-V VM before Installing Win 10?

    I have been running the preview as a virtual machine on my daily driver (Win 8.1). Should I delete the virtual machine and uninstall Hyper-V Manager before the upgrade? My fear is I will orphan or not be able to find the space allocated to the virtual machine and loose valuable drive space...