Insider Preview Delete the Hyper-V VM before Installing Win 10?


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I have been running the preview as a virtual machine on my daily driver (Win 8.1). Should I delete the virtual machine and uninstall Hyper-V Manager before the upgrade? My fear is I will orphan or not be able to find the space allocated to the virtual machine and loose valuable drive space.

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There is no reason to think that the upgrade would have any impact on the Hyper-V files.
Typically they are stored as files in whatever location you selected when configuring Hyper-V
I store both my .vhdx as well as the .xml config files on a separate hard disk but that is just me.


In any case I would strongly suggest a good disk image before proceeding with the upgrade as a just in case.
Windows 10 - July 29th... Back up your system


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Thanks that's what I thought, I will note the path or move the VM off of my laptop before installing.

As for a backup, I have my critical files backed up (and I will update before the upgrade) so if I have to wipe and install from scratch I am ok with that.

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They're basically just files so you can move them safely enough, however if you want them to work properly without going through the hassle of rebuild a new VM and attaching it to the old VHDx then you can use Hyper-V to export the individual machine(s) and then when you have Hyper-V back up and running again simply import it or them.
Although again, I've upgraded once already from 8.1 to 10 (10240) and I had no trouble with either Hyper-V or my VMs.
Back on 8.1 again now courtesy of Acronis True Image and I'm gonna do the upgrade to 10 again tomorrow or as soon as it's actually available for me to do so.

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