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  1. Artificial Asian

    Windows 10 Program named Uninstall?

    I recently was uninstalling a program but when i searched uninstall in the start menu a program showed up named Uninstall with no options other than to run. The thumbnail is a red X and i cant find any info on what it is or if i can get rid of it or whatever
  2. S

    Windows 7 How to uninstall Win7

    I tried to do a clean install from Win7 Pro disk onto new SSD Plus which was connected internally to my main PC. There were boot issues (long story), so I decided to physically remove the SSD. I want to uninstall win7 from that new SSD. Nothing else was loaded onto it. My question is: Can I...
  3. M


    Hello I need an advice. It's long time what I bought my laptop with official win 8. Now I need to clear and format my HDD again. My question is: Can I install my official copy of windows and activate it again ? I would like to clear my hdd completely. If is it possible, please, where I can find...
  4. N

    Windows 7 AVG Web TuneUp Won't Uninstall or Install

    Recently I installed and AVG Web TuneUp. Then when I tried to uninstall it, the uninstaller ran, but the program did not uninstall, so I deleted all the registry entries having to do with Web TuneUp. Even when I did this, though, AVG Zen said that the program was disabled but not uninstalled. So...
  5. R

    Windows 7 Space fills as I am clearing it

    I have searched the forums and Google, but have found nothing on my issue, so I hope someone else knows how to fix it. When I am clearing space by uninstalling programs and removing leftover files, the space goes up a little, but then it goes down next time I uninstall something. For example, I...
  6. L

    Windows 8 Obstinate update

    Hello. I have problems with windows10 update, or rather not updating to this. I uninstalled this update KB3035583 and even though "WINDOWS UPDATE" still wants to restart my computer for this update, update reschedule tool still works, and I can't search for other updates untill I restart and...
  7. Night515

    Windows 7 Broken icons on Task Bar

    Hello, I'm having a strange issue with 2 icons on my Task Bar. They have a weird message when you hold the cursor over them and don't seem to do anything if you click on them. I got them from uninstalling 2 games.
  8. Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Get away from the browser wars: How to uninstall IE6 in XP, which has become obsolete, and update to the latest Internet Explorer or Firefox. http://windows7forums.com/
  9. How to Uninstall Any Software Application With Revo Uninstaller

    How to Uninstall Any Software Application With Revo Uninstaller

    Download Revo Uninstaller Pro: http://bit.ly/H2JWXD In this video, I am going to demonstrate and review Revo Uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller is a freeware application that helps you to uninstall applications on your computer that would otherwise leave registry keys, system files, dynamic link...