1. U

    Windows Server Hyper-V And Docker Issue

    Hello there! I have been investigating a problem we been having with Hyper-V. Sometimes when launch a Windows Docker image, in Hyper-V isolation, I received the following error message. Further investigation, I have found that the under Hyper-V worker recieves the follow error. I have tried...
  2. R

    Hyper-V as standalone server

    I have Windows Server 2016 on it is Hyper-V, can I make an image of this Hyper-V and recreate that image as a standalone server on another machine? how to do it?
  3. A

    Hyper-V 2016/2022 Hybrid

    I have a 3 server Hyper-V cluster running on windows 2016. I want to upgrade all the 2016 servers to 2022 servers, and I want to perform clean installs. I will remove 1 server from the cluster, format it, install windows server 2022+Hyper-V and join it back into the cluster. (theoretically, I...
  4. R

    Hyper V Replica Broken with different network in Windows Server

    Good Morning! I have 2 clustered nodes in proxmox on network Connected to vpn to another network, I have another hyper v that I would like to use as a replica server: However, when I configure Replica Broken, it only lets me put addresses from the first network...
  5. R

    Server 2012 upgrade

    Have a server 2012 R2 Essentials DC-File server running on some old hardware (10+years). Have a second server 2012 R2 Standard running on newer hardware that isn't used for intended purpose, but still good hardware. (Xeon E3-1225 v5, 20GB Ram, 1TB raid5) The DC (old server) is serving a small...
  6. I

    GuestVm high disk response times compare to Hyper-V host 2019

    Hi, Recently, we had a migration from our old Hyper-V Cluster WS 2012R2 to our new hosts (Dell PowerEdge R740) and the new 2019 Hyper-V cluster. We migrated the VMs with live compute+storage migration. Everything went without problems. After the migration, our customers started to report, that...
  7. G

    Windows Server Avhdx file dimension problem

    Good morning, On the premise that I am not very experienced, I explain my problem to you I have a server with a virtual machine created with hyper-v used for a management system. At the time of configuration I created a fixed size 260gb vhdx virtual disk. After the various configurations I...
  8. gorantornqvist

    Windows 10 Copy paste from host to Hyper-V Ubuntu VM in enhanced session mode adds duplicate new lines

    I deployed the Ubuntu 18.04 VM that comes with Windows 10 and then enabled enhanced session mode. Everything work fine except when I copy multiline text from the host and paste it in the VM. Each linebreak adds an extra line when I paste so if I copy text: somecommand --switch1 \ switch2 \...
  9. webby

    Risk with adding Hyper-V?

    Is it a risk to add Hyper-V on our local server or does it have any impact? Just an extra tool? Need to convert a VHDX to VHD (file) due to migration to Azure. (Windows 2012 Server R2)
  10. ussnorway

    Windows 10 how to set trusted host

    Just a heads up, I run into an issue after the lastest patch stopped my hyper-v server from talking to my laptop... it appears that the basic winrm set winrm/config/client '@{TrustedHosts="THE_NAME_OF_THE_SERVER"}' no longer works and I had to go around it using Get-Item...
  11. S

    Virtual Hard disk created in hyper-v

    Hi There I am using windows 10 Pro, and had a virtual machine installed using Hyper-V with two virtual HDD in that VM. Recently I had some problem with my Windows 10 OS and had to reset my windows with keeping all the files and settings, and it installed a new windows 10 for me, and also I...
  12. W

    Windows 10 Will Kaspersky or BitDefender work on Hyper-V?

    Can I install them and use for scanning files on a virtual host or in shared forlder ? I mean not special versions of antiviruses which intended for virtualization, I mean usual desktop versions.
  13. ussnorway

    Hyper-v remote issuse

    1st hyper-v carries across well however, If you want it to remote into an outside sever you need to tell your firewall to butt out... no problem right, just run your wsf again except the script is not configured for Windows X and will not run. Just a heads up, you might want to hold off on...