1. ussnorway

    how to set trusted host

    Just a heads up, I run into an issue after the lastest patch stopped my hyper-v server from talking to my laptop... it appears that the basic winrm set winrm/config/client '@{TrustedHosts="THE_NAME_OF_THE_SERVER"}' no longer works and I had to go around it using Get-Item...
  2. S

    Virtual Hard disk created in hyper-v

    Hi There I am using windows 10 Pro, and had a virtual machine installed using Hyper-V with two virtual HDD in that VM. Recently I had some problem with my Windows 10 OS and had to reset my windows with keeping all the files and settings, and it installed a new windows 10 for me, and also I...
  3. W

    Will Kaspersky or BitDefender work on Hyper-V?

    Can I install them and use for scanning files on a virtual host or in shared forlder ? I mean not special versions of antiviruses which intended for virtualization, I mean usual desktop versions.
  4. ussnorway

    Hyper-v remote issuse

    1st hyper-v carries across well however, If you want it to remote into an outside sever you need to tell your firewall to butt out... no problem right, just run your wsf again except the script is not configured for Windows X and will not run. Just a heads up, you might want to hold off on...
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