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Windows Server Avhdx file dimension problem


New Member
Apr 25, 2020
Good morning,

On the premise that I am not very experienced, I explain my problem to you

I have a server with a virtual machine created with hyper-v used for a management system. At the time of configuration I created a fixed size 260gb vhdx virtual disk. After the various configurations I created (perhaps by mistake) 2 snapshots of the vm, the problem is that now the most recent avhdx file is constantly expanding and over time it would tend to occupy all the disk space.
The physical disk is 580gb, but over time it will fill up.


I ask you:

Would the file (as per property) reach a maximum of 260gb?
What solutions do I have to block its expansion or free up additional space? Do I have to migrate the VM to a physical disk that can contain it?
Thank you in advance