windows server backup issues with shadow copy space


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Oct 1, 2012
Hello guys.

I have a server running windows 2012 R2 backup services.
The server has a Hyper-V with 3 VMs on it.(C drive)
The E Drive has 2 VM's.

I want to do a bare metal backup with a externa HD with 3.7TB size available.

My drives size are:
C: 1.8TB available 150GB
E: 650GB available 270GB
My external drive has 3.7TB

Went I want to run the backup, I got a error saying that shadow copy is unable to continue because doesn't have enough space available.

Them my doubt are:

1) the shadow copy process on each drive, use the same drive for the task? if Yes, is possible to use a temporal drive and help this process to finish? My drive has little space available right?
2)In this task, the process chose all the drives available, if I want to backup my VM's, I have to chose them from the Hyper-V list the gui show me or I went the process select the whole drive, is taking backups from my VM's? i upload a picture related to this last question.


Thanks for your help and time!!!
In your case, it seems that the shadow copy storage area is running out of space. You may need to allocate additional space for the shadow copy storage area, or you can try using a different drive with more space as the shadow copy storage area. Keep in mind that the shadow copy storage area needs to be on a locally attached volume, not a network share or external drive.
And When you run a bare metal backup, the backup process typically includes all volumes that are currently mounted and all system state data. This means that all VMs on the Hyper-V host should be included in the backup. If you want to exclude specific VMs, you can deselect them in the backup wizard. However, keep in mind that excluding VMs may not be the best option for a bare metal backup, as it could result in an incomplete backup that cannot be restored properly.
So I prefer to use any of the backup/sync tools that support shadow copy and can handle this issue, check the trial version of Syncback, Gs Richcopy 360 and GoodSync first
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