windows server backup issues with shadow copy space


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Hello guys.

I have a server running windows 2012 R2 backup services.
The server has a Hyper-V with 3 VMs on it.(C drive)
The E Drive has 2 VM's.

I want to do a bare metal backup with a externa HD with 3.7TB size available.

My drives size are:
C: 1.8TB available 150GB
E: 650GB available 270GB
My external drive has 3.7TB

Went I want to run the backup, I got a error saying that shadow copy is unable to continue because doesn't have enough space available.

Them my doubt are:

1) the shadow copy process on each drive, use the same drive for the task? if Yes, is possible to use a temporal drive and help this process to finish? My drive has little space available right?
2)In this task, the process chose all the drives available, if I want to backup my VM's, I have to chose them from the Hyper-V list the gui show me or I went the process select the whole drive, is taking backups from my VM's? i upload a picture related to this last question.


Thanks for your help and time!!!