Virtual Hard disk created in hyper-v

Shajil Thottungal

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Nov 20, 2015
Hi There

I am using windows 10 Pro, and had a virtual machine installed using Hyper-V with two virtual HDD in that VM.

Recently I had some problem with my Windows 10 OS and had to reset my windows with keeping all the files and settings, and it installed a new windows 10 for me, and also I cleaned the old windows folders.

Now the problem is, the old virtual hard disk space still showing as used within my current disk space,
Total HDD capacity: 500gb
Total current file size: 30.9gb
Free space: 342gb only!!!

The reset of the space was allocated to virtual machine in my previous windows installation, and is there any way that I can delete the VHD and have the space into my current disk space?

Your advice is highly appreciated

Thank you



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You can delete the folder... assumes you don't want the data on it.
You can open/ load the vhd and use it.

p.s. that old windows folder can also be removed if you don't want the data on it.
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