reset windows 10

  1. B

    Windows 10 Can't reset, repair, or recover Win 10.

    I have an issue that I hope the experts on the board can help me solve. The short version is that I have a Win 10 Laptop that I wanted to use as a dual-boot Win10/Linux box. I used a Linux LiveUSB to attempt the install. Now I can not boot into, repair, or rescue the Win 10 partition. I am...
  2. V

    Windows 10 Is it safe to delete Windows.old?

    I just reset Windows 10 and Windows created a folder called "Windows.old" which ocuppies a lot of space in my computer, it has all my previous files, but I already saved them in another computer. Is it safe to delete the folder?
  3. V

    Windows 10 Choose Keyboard Layout; stuck

    I'll present first the issue, then the back story and some of my findings. The issue is that I recently upgraded to Windows 10, for many reasons I wanted a fresh start with my PC and wanted to factory reset it. To do this I used the software which came with Windows 10. The problem being, the...
  4. D

    Windows 10 I forgot my windows 10 admin password, how can I reset?

    Hello, please help!!! i just changed my password to little bit complex on my Windows 10, then i restarted my Laptop. Unfortunately i forgot my password, it is my administrator account and now I can't use any programs with this guest account. I don't know how to recover/reset the password. Pls help
  5. SurfingGamer

    Windows 10 Bug after reseting my pc

    Ok so today i reset my pc (i kept my personal files though) because it was getting a bit slow and when it rebooted if i check the storage on my drive it still says its nearly full as it was before however when i look at my applications it says its empty. I'm not sure if the files are actually...
  6. S

    Virtual Hard disk created in hyper-v

    Hi There I am using windows 10 Pro, and had a virtual machine installed using Hyper-V with two virtual HDD in that VM. Recently I had some problem with my Windows 10 OS and had to reset my windows with keeping all the files and settings, and it installed a new windows 10 for me, and also I...