Windows 10 I forgot my windows 10 admin password, how can I reset?

Hello, please help!!!
i just changed my password to little bit complex on my Windows 10, then i restarted my Laptop. Unfortunately i forgot my password, it is my administrator account and now I can't use any programs with this guest account. I don't know how to recover/reset the password. Pls help


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This first method is very similar to another one I've used successfully. Give it a try. IMPORTANT: Notice that the first part of the first link kemical lists only works if you created a local Win10 windows account!! The 2nd part of that same link gives you information on what to do if you created a MICROSOFT ACCOUNT (this is where you link an existing Email account you own to your Win10 Login). Your MICROSOFT ACCOUNT, if you indeed created one, gives you access to all things Microsoft, especially the ability to download Free and Purchase-based Apps in the Microsoft App Store. **You cannot do this with a Win10 Local Account!!**

kemical's links are very clear and concise on how to do this!!

Best of luck to you,:encouragement:

I feel command prompt is too hard for me, is there other simple way to get back my password?


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Not really. There are password crackers you can purchase from the Internet from $9.99 to $100 US. Most of them do not work, and then can corrupt your Windows to the point where you'll lose all personal data on that computer. Since you don't know how to follow simple instructions using the Power Shell (CMD window), we'll assume that your computer knowledge is limited. That often means that you have not backed up all your Personal Data on that machine to External Media. So it would be a HUGE risk to download one of these paid programs to crack your password. For that kind of money, you are better off taking your computer to your local repair shop and paying them to do it for you. Make sure you ask for an A+ licensed computer Technician. The Tech will ask you this same question: DO YOU HAVE YOUR PERSONAL DATA BACKED UP TO EXTERNAL MEDIA? If you don't know, or can't remember if you have it or where, then you probably don't have it backed up! Not to worry, a competent Tech will take care of this for you when they perform the repair.


I feel command prompt is too hard for me, is there other simple way to get back my password?
There are many GUI-based password cracking utilities available there, check out these:

Reset Lost Windows 10 Password for Local & Microsoft Account
7 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools
Forgot administrator password? Replace or recover it with password reset tool

The GUI tools are boot CDs based on WinPE, while others based on Linux have command line interface.

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