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  • Hi Pat,
    Happy belated birthday! So sorry I'm a bit late, I hope you had a fantastic day. All the best, Ross.
    Cheers mate - three quarters of a century!
    Wow, congrats!
    Thank you for the bithday wished Pat.. Hope your keeping well during these crazy times.. :)
    Happy Birthday to you @kemical. I feel so warm reading all the great comments from everyone.I am New and I am Awosoji I have a passion for the computer but always afraid of codes, terms, and formulas and all..but the way you all talk computer here is so interesting and alluring... kinda make me wanna be like you guys. I am glad to be here. I am Awosoji
    Can you help me find the @ sign on a spanish querty keyboard, please
    It is frequently "swapped" with the " symbol (shift/2).
    Many thanks for the Birthday wishes Pat. Hope life is treating you well and you've been walking lot's... :)
    I almost missed wishing you a Happy Birthday Pat! Hope you had a wonderful day, all the best, Ross.. :)
    Thanks Ross. Birthday's been good and had much more to celebrate on top - so all been good!
    Hi sir, may I know if the file is in window shell common format, and I change the file format through the particular file property, am I able to restore it back to .dll format?
    Hello sir. Can i get some assistance if you have a moment.

    "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding"

    Wile trying to understand what could be causing my internet interruptions, videos wont finish loading, or pages will not completely display and load.

    Looking into the settings I saw that message when i pressed the trouble shooter.
    Cheers Ross, I'm celebrating it in Turkey so only just seen your message. Sat in a bohemian courtyard enjoying Turkish folk music and a beer
    Hi Pat,

    Just felt like sharing w/ you that I am getting my MVP status September 26th. I'm very excited about it.

    This site doesn’t work, Pat: Tried to post msg in forums, got errors "Please enter at least two poll responses" and "Please enter a valid message." Where's the box for writing messages? I tried to send the above complaint in a "Contact Us" message, and returned error that it accepted only posts. Then this msg to you restricted me to 420 chars without prior warning or running count. What gives here?
    Hi Pat. Let me know what you think of the migration. There are still some kinks to work on.
    Hey Pat:
    Happy Birthday. Hope you're out doing what you love to do and enjoying life.
    Best wishes
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