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  • Hi,
    I have a question, I have 4-5 PC's running windows 7 and we usually have stuffs to add to the host file (almost on daily basis) which leads to difference in host entries in all the pc's. Is there anyway in which I can update a single host file and all the remaining host file on the same group computers gets updated???

    Please let me know soon as i want to do this on priority basis.
    Hi. You posted the following on a forum here: " the 8 to 8.1 upgrades which do not have access to such files. Because Microsoft made 8.1 a different OS version, like Vista and Windows 7, not having those files causes them problems with Refreshing and Resetting an 8.1 system."
    I tried Keith Mayer's blog but the "Windows RE location" is blank in Command Prompt.
    Hey man I have a problem with my windows 8 laptop, got scammed now it's completely locked any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time
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