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    Windows 10 Windows Boot Manager on wrong drive

    You can open an Administrative command prompt and type the command below to place boot files in the C partition. Make sure and put spaces where indicated or copy and paste the commands. bcdboot c:\windows /s c: Then shut your system down and disconnect the other drive. During reboot, make...
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    Anyone know how to edit your home location on the map app?

    On my new system which has never been on a Microsoft Account so Cortana doesn't function the Map shows my location within 220 feet. On another system which runs on a Microsoft account my location is shown seven miles away... I have no idea why, if it actually does, modify your location if you...
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    Power state failure BSOD - when i close lid of laptop

    I was hoping kemical might have looked at your BSOD file. But I see a file named BAPIDRV which I don't recognize offhand from a company called 360.CN. Do you know what that is or where it is used?
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    Windows 10 on Acer Aspire Switch 10 with 32GB SSD, 8GB free ?

    I don't have a tablet but have read some threads which suggest an external drive might be utilized if local space in insufficient. During the install, if space is limited the install may suggest you use extra space available.
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    Task Host Window - Windows 10

    Do you see Firefox running in the Task Manager (right click the taskbar and select)? If so, right click and select "End Task". After an update it will normally need to be restarted. Firefox updates normally take only a few seconds. If it is the cause perhaps something has infected it. While...
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    Nvidia Driver Fatal Error

    It may not be a good idea to jump ahead of the normal Windows update for Video drivers. It seems those files are checked with the System File Checker and will lead to errors with that even though it does not cause operational errors. If this system is a laptop, you did try installing the M...
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    Windows 10 Memory 95-100%

    I like to use the Resource Monitor which you can get to from the Task Manager on the Performance tab and look at the bottom of the window. You can pull out a overview of memory usage on the Memory tab or look at the listing. If you check a box in the listing, it will filter for just that item.
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    Windows 10 Issues with 1511 update

    I see all sorts of errors and warnings for several areas. Many include comments such "did not respond in time alloted" or "failed to start in the required time." I believe the best suggestion I can make is for you to return to Windows 8.1 where you have some support.
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    A fix for Cortana doesn't know where I'm at issue!!!

    I asked Cortana where I was and it opened a map and showed me in the same place the Map app does. The Map app will allow for an address to set your position, so I will try that next. Right now it is using the Internet location based of one of Provider's devices. Edit: I see what you mean, I...
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    Windows 10 Issues with 1511 update

    If you want, we can start going through the errors to see if something pops out. Open Event Viewer and go to the Windows logs section. If you look, you might see a red dot or yellow triangle on the logs with errors and warnings. You can right click each of those logs and select Save All...
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    A fix for Cortana doesn't know where I'm at issue!!!

    Hey Mike, you may have skipped over some pertinent information? Do you have a GPS device of some type? How is it connected? Is this a phone?
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    Windows 10 Issues with 1511 update

    The fact your system took a minute to boot prior to the upgrade suggests something was already causing problems. Otherwise, I can only suggest you watch your system. Check the Event Viewer to see if errors or warnings are being created. Leave Task Manager open and see if anything is taking...
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    Windows clean install from Windows 7 Asus laptop Error Code 0x8007025D

    Are you actually entering a key when asked or skipping that part? Do you actually have the License Key and not the COA number on some label? Are you using the latest public build of Windows 10, 1511/10586? I do not know if a Windows 7 SP1 issue might be involved.
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    Power state failure BSOD - when i close lid of laptop

    Kemical is the expert in these situations. It appears there is an update for athrx.sys for Dec 2015 and you are still running the one from Nov 2014. You have tried to update this driver? You show a problem device of BAPIDRV, do you know what that is? When I try to look at MSinfo32 files, I...
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    Power state failure BSOD - when i close lid of laptop

    If you have a dump file, you might post it in the BSOD forum for folks to analyze. If you don't want to do that, attach it here. It is probably a driver issue. It may not be loading correctly the first time. The Athrx driver seems to be related to an Atheros network adapter. You might...