Hyper-V not running


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I have been using Hyper-V on a W-10 Pro 64b for four years, with two virtualized OS: a] Windows XP-SP3 b] Windows 10 Pro satisfactorily for testing, in a Lenovo laptop P70 (Xeon 2.8, 64GB RAM) with Windows 10 Pro.
Just updated the OS a week ago to v:20H2 built 19042.685.
Today the two virtual OS (XP and W-10) have disappeared from the H-V Manager and the H-V Quick Create will not work, stating is no longer running, giving error 0x8007000e "not enough resources memory".
The Virtual Machine Management Service (VMMS) message= "not running on this machine" and It will not start.
Memory Resources Monitor:
Available= 59092 MB
Cached= 3778 MB
Total= 65395 MB
Installed= 65536 MB
Free= 56850 MB
The OS is up to date. There are no errors in the Device Manager. SFC and DISM shows no problems.
There are 207 GB free in C:.
Two extra SSD show 1.81 TB and 486 GB free.
The virtual programs in Windows features were deleted and reinstalled. No Change.
VMMS service is in automatic, but is not running failing to Start.
Program Files\Hyper-V directory is present and with content.
ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\ Hyper-V has 18 directories but mostly empty except for Resources Type (25), Virtual Machines (9) with (2) empty directories and Virtual Machine Cache with (2) empty directories.
Since There is nothing important in those virtual drives, my next step is to uninstall Hyper-V and delete all directories unless I get a sensible advice. Not sure if cleaning the registry is advisable, prior to a full reinstall (and if successful) with creation of the previous virtual drives.
Any suggestion shall be most appreciated.


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I'd start by looking these logs for more details
Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Hyper-V-VMMS > Admin.