1. Q

    Remove write protection from unlocked Bitlocker drive

    I work at a computer repair shop and I finally came across something I cannot get around. A customer brought in a Microsoft Surface Book that has BitLocker protection on it. Windows is corrupt and I am using a windows 10 disk to repair it. I have his BitLocker recovery key so I can unlock the...
  2. D

    Nuked my HDD. Now need to re-install windows

    So I have sold my PC and wanted to wipe the HDD clean in such that recovery tools would not recover my data if the buyer decided to try:ohno:. I decided to choose DBAN as my nuking tool:noise: I did not realize that DBAN would completely wipe the OS as well :hide: I was told to just download a...
  3. John Mark

    Getting windows 10 with no physical copy

    I am upgrading my computer's mother, cpu, and ram and am having to do a clean wipe on my hard drive to do so. My question is, once the upgrading is said and done and my hard drive is completely wipes, how do I get windows 10 back without a physical copy? I bought windows 10 when I was on windows...
  4. M


    Hello I need an advice. It's long time what I bought my laptop with official win 8. Now I need to clear and format my HDD again. My question is: Can I install my official copy of windows and activate it again ? I would like to clear my hdd completely. If is it possible, please, where I can find...
  5. V

    Files remain after reinstalling

    I had so many problems and crashes with my desktop I've just reinstalled Wndows 7. This is the first time i've ever done this. I already had a blue screen crash but am hoping that was just a driver updating. I was looking into my C driver after reinstalling a few things (virus protection...
  6. E

    Does reinstalling windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation reset the countdown back to 90 days?

    Does reinstalling windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation reset the countdown back to 90 days?
  7. W

    Clean install of Windows 10 but keep my programs installed?

    Hi everyone. I have 2 drives on my PC, my C: boot drive where Windows 10 is installed, and my A: drive where all of my programs are installed. Windows 10 is playing up and I want to do a clean reinstall of Windows 10. However, is it possible to keep all of my programs over the reinstall, as...