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    Windows 10 Sfc scannow keeps finding corrupt files and "fixing" them + DISM error 3017

    So last night I started having some issues with programs crashing out of the blue and the sort. Normally I'd just format my pc and reinstall windows 10 since I have a specific partition for the OS but I decided to try and fix it without formatting. I set chkdsk /r to run when I next started the...
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    Windows 10 DISM Error corrupt files .net 3.5 update error

    Good afternoon everyone, I have installed a clean install of windows 10 pro. The .net and Windows 10 1909 update are failing to install. DISM and sfc are not working giving errors. I've tried doing DISM pulling from online and from the win10 source, enabled it in programs and features and still...
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    Windows 10 module dll error

    I am running windows 10 1709 Build 16299.19. Running sfc /scannow gives an error that mfc90.dll cannot be fixed. I have then run dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth. After again running sfc /scannow I still get the same error, cannot be fixed. What do I do to correct this? Further...
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    Windows 10 Use DISM to repair an offline image

    Windows 10 is behaving strangely, and I want to use DISM to fix any corruption as a last ditch attempt to fix it before I do a clean reinstall. I've ran sfc dozens of times, and it reports that it was able to find and fix corruption every time. But clearly something is wrong because I run it...