hyper-v 2016 - vm can not install windows feature on vhdx onto hyper-v host


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i have win 10 hyper-v host --> (H1 -

i have created to VMs, viz. 1} hv-nug1, 2}gui-nug, 3}core-nug --> "gui-nug" & "core-nug" are Clonned from "hv-nug1".

when i try to install windows feature from "core-nug" OR "gui-nug" on Offline VHDX(core-nug.vhdx OR gui-nug-) residing on Host i.e. H1 -, i get following Error---->

location of VHDXs ---->c:\VMs\core-nug\Virtual Hard Disks\hv-nug1.vhdx' --> on 192.168.200 - Host


Install-WindowsFeature -Name web-server -Vhd '\\\c$\VMs\core-nug\Virtual Hard Disks\hv-nug1.vhdx'
Install-WindowsFeature : You do not have adequate user rights to the specified path:
\\\c$\VMs\core-nug\Virtual Hard Disks\hv-nug1.vhdx. Verify that the folder grants Read and
Write permissions to the computer account of the server that you specified to mount the VHD. Error:
At line:1 char:1
+ Install-WindowsFeature -Name web-server -Vhd '\\\c$\VMs\ ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : PermissionDenied: (@{Vhd=\\192.168...Name=localhost}:pSObject) [Install-Wind
owsFeature], DeploymentProviderException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentImage_InitializeImagePath_GetFileAttributes_AccessDenied,Microsoft


kindly respond ASAP. Thanks in advance.
The error clearly tells you what the problem is
Install-WindowsFeature : You do not have adequate user rights to the specified path:
I'm assuming these are non-domain joined devices, in which case you would need to pass credentials that are valid on the remote host
nice to see you back. thanks for reply.

i am using single Laptop for my Lab. my VM are in WorkGroup.(core-nug VM + gui-nug VM)

win 10 hyper-v host (name = "H1", ip address = --->

"gui-nug" (VM) + "core-nug" (VM) residing on win 10 hyper-v(

gui-nug.vhdx + core-nug.vhdx are stored on win 10 Host(> running windows 2016 server(data center).

so when i connect to core-nug VM & tries to install windows feature on Offline "gui-nug.vhdx" it gives me following Error.

so basically "core-nug" VM is trying to access "gui-nug.vhdx" on VMHost -->

thank again, hope to see you again.


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