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    Windows 7 Get Rotation Speed of Disk Sample Code

    Hi all! Im not really good at VC++ but does anyone have a sample code to get the rotation speed of disk in a computer. I have been working on detecting SSD drives and one solution from researching all day was to get the rotation speed and since SSD have 0 rpm this might be the only way to detect...
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    Windows 7 Registering Control Panel Item

    Hi! thanks for your advice. Apparently the Windows 7 I used to test was 64 bit and I didn't noticed it. I had it working now and currently I am working on the Task Links in Control Panel for my Application. Thanks a lot!
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    Windows 7 Registering Control Panel Item

    Hi, How do you register .exe to show in control panel? I have already read and followed the instructions in this site Registering Control Panel Items (Windows) and it doesn't seem to work. In this site, it only mentions Windows Vista. Is it same with Win7? I really need help because I was...
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