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    Windows 7 Final roadmap for windows 7

    three more weeks !!!! that´s nothing!
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    Crossfire the game. the first person shooter game

    there´s a game section in the forums... but.... try to run the .exe on compatibility modes and as admin. that should work
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    Wish List - Stuff I'd like to see incorporated into Windows

    ....i wish for a delicate -or customizable- sound when the orbs and the windows 7 appears on boot =) that would be REALLY nice
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    For all those who may be confused...

    but but... another leak got online today! we must install it!!!! lol jk, staing in 7210 until RTM comes out =)
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    Make a taskbar preview always on top?

    ...i don´t think so... that´s why is called a preview window =S
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Prototype works LIKE A CHARM in w7 7210. no glitches, no backtodesktop. no nothing. and it´s great =) if you can, try it. (if you have a problem with the game sound, try disabling the 5.1 speaker system and enabling 2.0 this works for MANY people)
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    Google Chrome

    chrome just need to support extensions (GOOD and useful ones) and i am in. loads pages 3x faster than my FF, tbh. oh, btw, 7210, works flawlessly (chrome 1)
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    Anti-Virus Programs in Win 7

    Avast all the way. no problem at all.
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    Windows 7 7227 leaked in VHD format

    ....i will pass over this one. It´s just wrong to waste so much time installing everything again -and i love to do it- but... c´mon, this installation is brand new, i will wait at least two releases. (or the RTM) 7210 here, btw.
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    Windows 7 Apple @ WWDC keynote: Windows 7 is Just another version of Vista

    Sorry. But for me. Nothing. Gotta love torrents =) ...ok, maybe... what... 10 bucks from light and internet. and 1 for the dvd. that´s very cheap for me.
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    Windows 7 Apple @ WWDC keynote: Windows 7 is Just another version of Vista

    actually... they can say a 90 hrs monologue. i don´t care. =)
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    Bandwidth speed gone crazy

    well... that´s FNG nice =P i say you love it while it last... hoping that´s a looooooooooooong time lol
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 desktop screenshot

    yeah, found it and using it. It´s great =) thanks, again. -i also recommended to all of you while ultramon is ready for win 7-
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Watermark Removal.

    thanxs =) it works (7201 built)
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    Windows 7 Shutdown/Logoff Dialog Box

    mmmm maybe if you change the option to... whatever your need is. taskbar - right click - properties - start menu - customize you can change the lock up option to any of your needs.