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    That's it! I'm going back to Vista-

    Actually it isn't too bad, They use a certain motherboard and you have a special usb memory chip that you plug into one of the motherboard mounted (i.e. inside the case) usb pins and set the bios to boot to this usb card. It then loads the necessary software to run OSX. All you have to do is...
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    That's it! I'm going back to Vista-

    I will give a second to using thunderbird. I use it and love it. Plus with mozbackup you can backup your total thuderbird client and move the single file backup to another machine or to external media and reinstall the os w/o loosing a single setting. There is a slight learning curve but not...
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    Experience Upgrading To W7

    It does appear that doing an clean install produces the least amount of trouble. I always prefer to clean install. That way you have all new drivers and it gives you an opportunity to not reinstall software or files that are really not necessary. Congrads i am very happy with my 4 copies.
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    Upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista - Help!

    Their both part of the same ATI drivers set. Uninstall the one you have in your add/remove and you should be in good shape.
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    Upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista - Help!

    You should be fine.
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    Upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista - Help!

    It did on mine. I use have two ati cards and it did find the generic drivers. If you want ati does have win 7 drivers on their website so you can download the proper drivers from them but unless you are a gamer and push the card to the max the generic drivers are find for normal applications...
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    Upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista - Help!

    yea. if not you should be able to find drivers at the website for the computer manufacture. In a push you can use Vista drivers in 7 but most likely everything is included with 7. I update 4 computers of various ages and hardware and all drivers were found w/o problems. One computer of...
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    Upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista - Help!

    Have you considered doing a clean install? The page just means you need to uninstall you video card drivers and network card driver before you do the upgrade and then install the Win 7 version of them. Not uncommon. If you do a clean install Win 7 will take care of all of your drivers the...
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    I've solved the upgrade dilemma for a clean install.

    I'm not so sure you can do this. If you have a modern motherboard XP will not have the sata drivers so it may not install at all or may not install the dvd drive which you will need. For the upgrade to work you need to access the Win7 install menu while inside the function OS. If XP or 98...
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    Student offer confusion!

    I was under the impression the UK was not going to get the upgrade version due to some legal mistake MS made but they were going to give out only the full version. So i think you will end up with a full version. Either way you can do a clean install with the vista install. All you have to do...
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    Upgrading Windows 7 to a better version

    There is no upgrade path from the beta nor RC directly to 7 upgrade. So you will have to back up anything you want to keep and reinstall the original OS then the 7 upgrade. I know how you feel. I am not looking forward to reinstalling vista only to install 7 but that is the way it is.
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    XP to 7

    Yep, this is how all of my computers are set up. By having a second drive in the machine, it allows you to put important files on the second drive and you can then reinstall windows on the main drive when ever you need to w/o having to worry about backing up first. Although, i would encourage...
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    windows 7 license

    I don't know if 7 is still bootable or dead but if you can boot to it your product key is listed on your system page under the processor and network information.
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    Cannot install Windows 7 64 bit error

    See if you can find out how to install via a usb key. IMHO you are loosing your disc drive during loading and it just can't find the disc.
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    XP to 7

    Sure you can just choose the 149g drive during installation. If you are concerned just temporary unplug your secondary drive before the install and it won't be an option. If you want to dual boot then you need to break up the 149g drive and reinstall XP on one part and 7 on the other. Then...