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    Saving all Word and Excel files locally only?

    I would like to save all my word, excel, etc files locally and not to the onedrive/cloud. I have set the default saving location on the local versions of word and Excel, but when I am using 365 it only shows the onedrive as a default location, there doesn't seem to be any other choices? Part...
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    Using iCloud for Windows to maintain photo library?

    After losing some photos on my iPhone that was not backed up properly, I am determined to get iCloud for Windows set up to safely maintain my Photo Library for storage on iCloud as well as optimized versions on my iPhone and Laptop I use an iPhone and Windows 10 laptop, everything is up to...
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    ipod shuffle on Windows 10

    All I needed was an OEM cable, works perfectly now.
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    ipod shuffle on Windows 10

    I am trying to get my iPod to mount on a Windows 10 system. I have read thru and tried all suggestions, but for some reason the driver never seems to load. I have reinstalled iTunes. My iPhone mounts fine. It seems that I just need to find aw way to manually install the driver (if this is...