Using iCloud for Windows to maintain photo library?


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After losing some photos on my iPhone that was not backed up properly, I am determined to get iCloud for Windows set up to safely maintain my Photo Library for storage on iCloud as well as optimized versions on my iPhone and Laptop

I use an iPhone and Windows 10 laptop, everything is up to date, iCloud for Windows is set up and running. What I really am having difficulty is determining the best set up as far as folders/directories are concerned. This is what I have so far.

On my laptop: PC -> Pictures -> iCloud Photos
There are four folders
Camera Roll (empty)
Downloads (173 items 376 MB)
Shared (Empty)
Uploads (1756 items 87 GB)

iCloud App on Windows
Photo Options
iCloud Photo Library (checked)
My Photo Stream (unchecked)
Download new photos and videos to my PC (checked)
Keep High Efficiency original if available (checked)
Upload new photos and videos from my PC (Checked)
iCloud Photo Sharing (unchecked)

2TB Storage on iCloud

It does not appears as if there is any activity, I believe these stats, have been idle for a few weeks. Is there something more I need to do or is there a way to monitor the progress of getting the photos into iCloud storage?

The other part of my quandary is how to view, edit and arrange my photo library on the PC. Since there is no iPhoto option, I assume I should use the Windows Photos App?