1. R

    OneDrive issue

    I unlinked my OneDrive account and this called trouble. After unlinking, MS Outlook doesn't start, I can't even check my emails. The only option was to purchase a monthly plan for storage in Onedrive. It seems choosing Office 365 was my biggest mistake in the first place...
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Gog Galaxy sync error [file too big]

    this error comes up from time to time and is caused by Mic at Gog I'll try to explain why it happens and how to fix it but I also assume a few things; Gog Galaxy is installed currently is the lasted build but this doesn't work on systems below W10 I show Baldur's Gate EE because this...
  3. david99999

    Windows 10 Backup Nightmare

    I am using a backup software and after a while one of the external hard drives disappears and Windows cannot locate it. Bizarre.
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