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  1. W

    Sync Favorites between W11 and an iPad

    My profile on the iPad says that Sync is turned on, but Edge Favorites are not being synced between my iPad and W11 laptop. I don't see anything on the W11 laptop that references Sync when in Settings. Advice?
  2. R

    OneDrive issue

    I unlinked my OneDrive account and this called trouble. After unlinking, MS Outlook doesn't start, I can't even check my emails. The only option was to purchase a monthly plan for storage in Onedrive. It seems choosing Office 365 was my biggest mistake in the first place...
  3. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Gog Galaxy sync error [file too big]

    this error comes up from time to time and is caused by Mic at Gog I'll try to explain why it happens and how to fix it but I also assume a few things; Gog Galaxy is installed currently is the lasted build but this doesn't work on systems below W10 I show Baldur's Gate EE because this...
  4. david99999

    Windows 10 Backup Nightmare

    I am using a backup software and after a while one of the external hard drives disappears and Windows cannot locate it. Bizarre.